Jagtkiosken carries Northern Europe's largest selection of decoy geese.

We have the traditional decoy geese from GHG, Tanglefree, Sportplast and Oerts, as well as Windsocks from Deadly Decoys, Sillosocks, and Tanglefree, in addition to the world's best Geese silhouettes from RealGeese. With us you will find decoy geese in absolute world class at reasonable prices, our standard decoy geese from Oerts are top quality and have some of the absolute best prices on the market.

American Greenhead Gear (GHG) and Tanglefree make world-class fully flock geese, here no one else can contribute to quality and durability. Sport Plast decoys are probably the market's most durable goose decoys, known for many years among beach hunters as the only lures that last for intensive use from both the barge and the beach.

If you are in doubt about which decoys you should buy, feel free to call or write to us, and we will be happy to guide you and find exactly the decoys that are best suited to your needs.

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